Offshore Sonar Services

Thurn Group offer a complete package of services including consultation, training, product development and support in addition to supplying a wide range of offshore sonar survey equipment. We have experience working on many international marine construction, engineering and imaging projects for numerous clients in the oil and gas, renewables, ports and shipping industries.


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Thurn Group are experts in offshore sonar surveying. As well as supplying the cutting edge sonar and survey equipment required for your project, we also offer our expertise and experience to help your project succeed.

We can provide personnel and advice for any stage of your offshore engineering or inspection project including design, planning and procurement as well as during the project delivery and in analysing survey data. Our knowledge of the equipment and associated software enable us to help you choose the most appropriate tools for the job and how to use them as accurately and effectively as possible.


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Thurn Group offer comprehensive training programmes for individuals and groups in the use of offshore sonar survey equipment, software and data analysis. We can bring you and your company up to speed on how to efficiently and accurately use the latest sonar technology and how to interpret the output data into meaningful information.

With many years’ experience in the marine survey industry as well as established relationships with the leading sonar equipment manufacturers, Thurn Group have the expert knowledge to help you learn how to fine tune your surveying and data processing methodology to achieve the best results and trouble shoot errors and discrepancies.

Product Development

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In addition to our relationships with sonar equipment companies, Thurn Group also develop our own sonar technology solutions including remote submarine survey vessels incorporating industry leading sonars. We work with our clients to build and improve the tools required for their specific challenges relating to any offshore engineering and imaging project.

Contact Thurn Group today to find out how our latest technological advancements can be utilised for your needs.