THURN Group supply scanning and sonar equipment for imaging, mapping, inspection, search and recovery and data collection for marine construction, offshore windfarms, subsea cable and pipelines, fisheries research and inland waterways.

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Ports, Harbours & Dredging

THURN Group supply a range of scanning and survey equipment for use in ports, harbours and other costal water industries to help you map and inspect underwater structures.

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Renewable Energy

Survey vessels and scanning equipment for mapping, imaging, inspection and maintenance in the offshore renewables sector.

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Offshore Oil & Gas

Equipment for mapping, underwater structure location and inspection, and leak detection in the offshore oil and gas industry.

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Flood Defence

Equipment for surveying and inspecting underwater flood defence structures.

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Search & recovery (SAR)

Fully equipped ROVs and specialist sonar equipment adapted for rapid deployment and detailed imagery for any marine or inland waterway search and recovery operation.

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Civil Engineering Inspection & Mapping

Sonars, GPRs and Sub Bottom Profilers for mapping and inspecting for any marine civil engineering or offshore construction project.

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Environmental & Fisheries Research

Survey equipment for measuring and monitoring the marine environment, aquatic habitats and fisheries.

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