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Key features

  • High precision automated flight
  • Custom map import from DEM and KML files
  • Survey equipment options include:
    • Single-beam echosounder for hydrographic mapping
    • GPR for ground investigation (including under freshwater)
    • Magnetometer
    • Methane sensor

UgCS Drone Control Software for Bathymetry

All the UgCS Industrial Solutions are available from THURN Group

UgCS Drone Control Software Picture

UgCS Drone Control Software enables the highly efficient, rapid and precise deployment of UAVs for a wide range of light-weight scanning and surveying scenarios. In partnership with Thurn Group, fully equipped drones can be supplied along with the cutting edge UgCS drone control software for a range of marine applications including bathymetry, search and recovery, fault finding and scheduled inspections.

We can also provide just the UgCS True Terrain Following (TTF) capability along with the survey system, and this can be mounted on your current drone (please ask whether your drone is capable of this upgrade).