THURN SL40 Water Sampling USV

A fully autonomous USV-carried water quality sampling system for rapid low-logistics sampling in dams, rivers and coasts. Suitable for deployment in shallow and high speed waterways.

THURN SL40 Water Sampling USV  image

The THURN SpeedSampler System provides all the tools for your USV sampling requirements. Supplied with a range of different marine sensors all of which come fully integrated.

This system was designed to enable remote surveys, keeping people out of the water and minimising risk. This decreases survey time and enables sampling in previously inaccessible and dangerous waters.

With easy to use industry standard software options this will help solve your water management and safety problems. The software will track and display the position of the USV in real-time, with a real-time data feed option.


- Autonomous map-based survey patterns ensuring full coverage of larger areas

- Quick set up for survey operations

- Individualised incident projects

- Increased situational awareness and safety of operations


- Waterway management

- Watershed management and monitoring

- Chlorophyll and Cyanobacteria Measurement

- In-river construction site risk monitoring


- Hull Material - Carbon fiber

- Dimension - (L)160 cm *(W)70 cm *(H)40 cm

- Weight - 35 kg

- Payload - 15 kg

- Draft - 15 cm

- Propulsion - Electric water-jet propeller

- Communication Range - Autopilot: 2 km    Remote Control: 1 km

- Max. Speed -  12 knots (6 m/s)

- Battery Life - 6 hours @1.5 m/s

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Key Features

  • Self-contained integrated USV system. Can be supplied with an SL40 or fitted to an existing asset
  • Automated survey patterns enable sensitive change detection due to surveys being easily repeatable
  • Optional real time display of the data provides immediate feedback from the survey team to ensure that the entire area has been covered
  • Options for YSI, Eureka or Manta+ marine sensors
  • Reliably survey shallow and high speed waters
  • All search data is stored to allow post-mission analysis of the search to assist in reporting and improve search operations

Options Include:

  • The BBE-Moldaenke AlgaeTorch
  • Manta Plus
  • EXO3 Multiparameter Sonde
  • Valeport Swift SVP
  • GNSS (RTK, SmartNet)