THURN QuickDip System with side scan

The THURN QuickDip Marine Search system provides all the tools needed for your UAV side scan and dipping sonar operations. It’s designed to enable remote searches, keeping people out of the water as much as possible and minimising risk. This decreases sea

THURN QuickDip System with side scan  image

With the easy to use industry-standard software options this will help locate your target and ensure the area is cleared during the search. The software will track and display the position of the drone in real-time, create a side scan mosaic of the seabed, and locate & identify targets of interest for further sonar or diver investigation. The real-time display provides the needed information to the search team to quickly assess the site and to make an informed decision for dive operations. For background charts users can download the latest Electronic Navigation Charts from NOAA/USACE or Admiralty Charts, or use background raster or georeferenced image maps. No need to be an expert on hydrography to use the software; the setup is simple, operation is just a few clicks, and the creation of final products can be done in the field.