THURN QuickDip + Valeport

The THURN QuickDip™ system uses aerial drones to carry Valeport sensors on pre-planned survey routes to deliver an efficient and repeatable method of gathering highly accurate survey data from inaccessible or dangerous waters.

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THURN Group developed the innovative QuickDip™ technology for inland and coastal waterways to offer a range of benefits including: rapid data collection from multiple sites of interest, repeatable map-based surveys to monitor change detection, the ability to safely collect data from difficult-to-access and dangerous waters as well as restricted-access waters, such as reservoirs.

THURN QuickDip™ integrated drone-based system uses a Valeport sensor, a cable (10m), a rotocopter drone and UgCS SkyHub/True Terrain Following (TTF) hardware - from leading software developer for unmanned aerial systems SPH Engineering. THURN’s integration of hardware and software allows the drone to fly at an accurate fixed height over water using a map-based pre-programmed autonomous survey pattern and dip the sensor into the water to take readings.

Now available with the compact and robust Environmental range of sensors from leading oceanographic and hydrographic instrument manufacturer, Valeport, are being offered as part of the THURN QuickDip™ system, including the Hyperion range of environmental sensors for the measurement of Turbidity, Chlorophyll a, Fluorescein, Rhodamine or Phycocyanin as well as their popular miniSVS and SWiFT SVP.

More information on the the Hyperion sensors can be found at: or,

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More sensors will be available soon.


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Key Features

  • 10m Deployment cable

Options Include:

  • Valeport's Hyperion Rhodamine Fluorometer sensor
  • Valeport's Hyperion Phycocyanin Fluorometer sensor
  • Valeport's Hyperion Fluorescein Flourometer sensor
  • Valeport's Hyperion Turbidity sensor
  • Valeport's Hyperion Chlorophyll a Fluorometer sensor
  • Valeport's Swift SVP
  • Valeport's Swift SVS