POLYNAV 2000S image

The PolyNav 2000S provides near FOG performance and ideal for such applications as HD Mapping, Bathymetry, Autonomous Driving, and many more. The system provides superior performance during GNSS signal outages through tightly coupled GNSS and INS systems as well as digital quadrature counter when used as a distance measurement indicator (DMI). Furthermore, the PolyNav 2000S is capable of continuously generating highly accurate attitude measurements regardless of whether the platform is moving or static. The system can output an internal PPS signal and timestamps even in the absence of the GPS signal. A Heave message for the Marine applications is available.

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Key Features

  • Centimeter level positioning with precise attitude and heading whether the platform is static or moving
  • Precision, velocity, acceleration, attitude (Roll, pitch, heading), and angular rate
  • GPS, GLONASS, Beidou, Galileo*, and SBAS, QZSS
  • 240 Tracking Channels
  • Dual frequency (L1 & L2) RTK
  • Global PPP
  • Dual antenna for accurate heading
  • Best in class price-performance ratio
  • 100 Hz navigation solution and the raw measurement output
  • Tactical grade, near FOG performing solid-state IMU sensor
  • Multiple sensor fusion
  • ROS driver ready, Heave message
  • IP67 environmental rating