Products: Sonars, Systems, and Compact Survey Vessels for Underwater Mapping, Imaging and Search & Rescue

THURN Group supplies survey equipment for all your underwater survey requirements. Sonars for bathymetry, imaging, scanning, and sub-bottom, including pole-mount, hull-mount, towed, and ROV/AUV/ASV mount. In addition we offer fully integrated systems, including survey-ready compact manned and unmanned surface vehicles and drones.

UgCS Drone Control Software for Bathymetry

multibeam sonars product image

Thurn Group are pleased to have partnered with UgCS to offer complete drone based solutions for your marine and inland waterway surveys. Equipment can be supplied to work with your current (compatible) drone or as a complete solution including a new, fully equipped UAV with a range of sonar and scanning capability.

Drones can be equiped with:

  • Single-beam echosounder for hydrographic mapping
  • GPR for ground investigation (including under freshwater)
  • Magnetometer
  • Methane sensor
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Sub-bottom Profilers for Engineering Geophysics

Sub-bottom Profiler product image

Sub-bottom profilers and sub-bottom imaging systems using the latest CHIRP technology to provide highest resolution of the shallow sub-seabed. Pole-mount, hull-mount, towed, and ROV-mount systems.

Products include:

  • Compact Profiler
  • GeoPulse Plus
  • GeoPulse Pipeliner
  • Combined SSS&SBP

Swath bathymetry Sonar Systems for Mapping the Seabed

multibeam sonars product image

A range of beamforming and interferometric multibeam sonars. Wide swath mapping sonars for shallow water survey tasks. Options for pole-mount, hull-mount and AUV/ROV/ASV mount.

Products include:

  • GeoSwath 4
  • GeoSwath Compact
  • Mesotech M3

Side-scan Sonars for Survey, Search and Environmental Applications

Side-scanning sonars product image

Flexible multi-frequency sonar imaging systems for surveys, including search and rescue. Also available in combined sub-bottom and side-scan configurations.

Products include:

  • Analogue Side Scan
  • PulSAR
  • Combined SSS&SBP

Scanning Sonars

Scanning Sonars technology image

Single-beam scanned sonars, with the highest quality and highest resolution on the market. A wide range options to suit different applications, including Marine Engineering, Site Inspection, Search and Recovery, Underwater Vehicle Instrumentation and Surveillance.

Products include:

  • Hi-Res Scanning Sonar
  • Domed Sonar
  • DAS Dual Axis Scanning Sonar

Sonar Processing Software

Sonar software technology image

Windows-based Sonar Processing Software for the Kongsberg Mesotech single-beam scanning sonar and altimeter products.

Products include:

  • MS1000

Compact Manned and Unmanned Surface Vessels, Ready for Survey

Survey vessel technology image

A range of compact survey vessels, both manned and unmanned, with flexible survey configurations. For nearshore and inland waterway applications.

Products include:

  • Manned: USV
  • Unmanned: USV

High-Resolution Altimeters for Deep Ocean Applications

1007D Series Altimeters image

Underwater altimeters ideally suited for deep ocean applications, primarily for underwater vehicles (ROVs & AUVs). Various depths and frequencies are available to suit different applications.

Products include:

  • 1007D Series Altimeters