Products: Sonars, Systems, and Compact Survey Vessels for Underwater Mapping, Imaging and Search & Rescue

THURN Group supplies survey equipment for all your underwater survey requirements. Sonars for bathymetry, imaging, scanning, and sub-bottom, including pole-mount, hull-mount, towed, and ROV/AUV/ASV mount. In addition we offer fully integrated systems, including survey-ready compact manned and unmanned surface vehicles.

Sub-bottom Profilers for Engineering Geophysics

Sub-bottom Profiler product image

Sub-bottom profilers and sub-bottom imaging systems using the latest CHIRP technology to provide highest resolution of the shallow sub-seabed. Pole-mount, hull-mount, towed, and ROV-mount systems.

Products include:

  • Compact Profiler
  • GeoPulse Plus
  • GeoPulse Pipeliner
  • Combined SSS&SBP

Swath bathymetry Sonar Systems for Mapping the Seabed

multibeam sonars product image

A range of beamforming and interferometric multibeam sonars. Wide swath mapping sonars for shallow water survey tasks. Options for pole-mount, hull-mount and AUV/ROV/ASV mount.

Products include:

  • GeoSwath 4
  • GeoSwath Compact
  • Mesotech M3

Side-scan Sonars for Survey, Search and Environmental Applications

Side-scanning sonars product image

Flexible multi-frequency sonar imaging systems for surveys, including search and rescue. Also available in combined sub-bottom and side-scan configurations.

Products include:

  • Analogue Side Scan
  • PulSAR
  • Combined SSS&SBP

Scanning Sonars

Scanning Sonars technology image

Single-beam scanned sonars, with the highest quality and highest resolution on the market. A wide range options to suit different applications, including Marine Engineering, Site Inspection, Search and Recovery, Underwater Vehicle Instrumentation and Surveillance.

Products include:

  • Hi-Res Scanning Sonar
  • Domed Sonar
  • DAS Dual Axis Scanning Sonar

Sonar Processing Software

Sonar software technology image

Windows-based Sonar Processing Software for the Kongsberg Mesotech single-beam scanning sonar and altimeter products.

Products include:

  • MS1000

Compact Manned and Unmanned Surface Vessels, Ready for Survey

Survey vessel technology image

A range of compact survey vessels, both manned and unmanned, with flexible survey configurations. For nearshore and inland waterway applications.

Products include:

  • Manned: USV
  • Unmanned: USV

High-Resolution Altimeters for Deep Ocean Applications

1007D Series Altimeters image

Underwater altimeters ideally suited for deep ocean applications, primarily for underwater vehicles (ROVs & AUVs). Various depths and frequencies are available to suit different applications.

Products include:

  • 1007D Series Altimeters